ZOZOTOWN is an internet retailer of fashion products originating from Japan with over 700 popular brands such as HYSTERIC GLAMOUR, URBAN RESEARCH,WEGO. We carry over 500,000 kinds of brand new Japanese fashion items. We accept payment through credit cards and PayPal. We are pretty confident that you will be able to find an item that fits your tastes perfectly, here in ZOZOTOWN.COM, Japan's largest online fashion store.

  • Choose the item you want from among 500,000 brand new Japanese fashion items.
  • For your convenience and safety, you can use PayPal to purchase your items. We also accept credit cards.
  • We ship our products by air mail from our Japanese warehouses after receiving your order.
  • Your items will arrive in approximately a week.

Search for items

You can search for jackets, pants, dresses and other clothing forms. If you search by category your search will include multiple shops and brands, so you can find the item you want from among all available brands.

  • Denim shirts
    Long-length coats

    This spring's trending item, long-length coats are in stock! Check them out in basic colors, as well as this season's trending vivid colors.

  • Maxi Dresses
    Floral print dresses

    Floral print dresses are now the standard item for the spring/summer season! Large floral print designs, that make you wanna go to a resort, are this year's trend♪

  • Rompers
    Kids' outerwear

    Stylish fashion isn't just for adults anymore! We have stylish kids' outerwear with various sizings from toddlers to kids.

  • Shawls

    Trending item for both men and women. Add a playful taste to your style by matching a baseball cap if you want to look trendy.

Brands with appeal

ZOZOTOWN has over 700 popular brands from Tokyo such as URBAN RESEARCH, moussy, nonnative, and more.

Shopping Guide

Here we explain in detail how to search for the items you want and how to purchase those items on our site.

  • 1.To search for the item you want
  • To search for the item you want
  • There are various ways of searching, such as by category, brand, price, and item color.
  • 2.Add item to cart
  • Add item to cart
  • Choose the size and color of item you want, then click 「Add to cart」 .
  • 3.Verify contents of your cart
  • Verify contents of your cart
  • If you want to continue shopping, please click the "Continue shopping" button. If you would like to complete your order with just the items already in your cart, please click the "Proceed to checkout" button.

  • 4.Login or Register
  • Login or Register
  • If you are already a ZOZOTOWN member, please login with your user ID and password. If you are not a ZOZOTOWN member, please register for a new ZOZOTOWN account.
  • 5.Payment methods
  • Payment methods
  • Please check your order details carefully such as size, color, price and quantity of items. After reviewing the items in your cart, please click [Payment by credit card] or [Check out with PayPal].
  • 6-1.Order Verification(Credit card)
  • Order Verification(Credit card)
  • When paying by credit card, please enter your credit card information, and click the [Proceed] button.

  • 6-2.Order Verification(Paypal)

  • Order Verification(Paypal)
  • "When checking out with PayPal, please login to your PayPal account. If the charged amount is correct, please click the [OK] button. After you payment has been confirmed at PayPal, it will lead you back to ZOZOTOWN.COM."
  • 7.Process Complete

  • Process Complete
  • Please check your final order, payment method and click the [Order] button. Your order will be confirmed.
    ※Please note that you cannot cancel your order, once it has been confirmed.
  • 8.Transmission of order confirmation email
  • Transmission of order confirmation email
  • An "order received" email will be sent to your registered email address after the "ARIGATO!" screen is displayed. If your email address cannot be verified, an error may occur and your order may not be processed.
    ※Please check "Order Information" to verify the specifics of your order.


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